« We only know the things we tame»

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Amidst the wooden crates and cardboard boxes, an intruder catches your eye. It’s a book entitled “Le Vin en Héritage”. And it’s not so much the title as the author that takes you by surprise: Gaël Arpin...


That’s right, I’m a winegrower, but I’m also the author of this book.


I first had the idea of committing to paper my passion for wine back in 2020, to reveal its intricacies and secrets.

I also wanted to go beyond winegrowing as a profession, by sharing my memories, emotions and favourites. They are an integral part of my life.


Wine at Châteaux G. Arpin is a family endeavour... So, I naturally got involved from a young age.


After all, the love of wine, its dedication and resilience, have been passed down in the Arpin family for over a century, generation after generation. Today, I am the custodian of this heritage.


This book provides wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs with as many questions as answers! But above all, it will help you to familiarise yourself with the wines I create in my own image.


It is a testimony.